Stuff I'm getting up to on my year abroad =]

I have recently come up with a couple of words to either replace words I deem inadequate or to name something that doesn’t have a name (as far as I know). So I thought I’d make my own little dictionary; so as not to forget my genius.

It wont be in alphabetical order, but rather in the order I think of them! Again I shall put the newest word at the top, like my cool and odd photo posts 🙂

Baka-gaijin-ing Verb. Taken from the Japanese ‘baka-gaijin’ meaning idiot foreigner; an act of doing something regardless of knowing one shouldn’t do such a thing in Japan, and using your (however wrong) status as an ignorant foreigner as an excuse.

Yennies; Noun. The new name for the one yen coins one inadvertently collects on one’s travel.

Earthwibble; Noun. To replace ‘earthquake’ as it was deemed too scary for the wibbling movements that take place.

Comments on: "Maisy’s Japan-Urban Dictionary" (3)

  1. So how many earthwibbles do you encounter in Japan??!!
    Like Yennies, very anglicised!

    • 3 so far! One was pretty wibbly, the others just sort of gently wibbled. They’re a weird experience!

      Excuse my arrogance, but I love yennies, I think it’s hilarious 😛

  2. I was in the NHK building when we had a wibble. The restaurant (canteen) is on the very top floor and a bell rang I didn’t notice anything but my hosts pulled me down under the table and the rest rushed to stand in the doorways as an allegedly safe place to be if it gets worse. Amazingly they then went on chatting picking up sentences where they had left off five minutes previously.

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